Released in July last year, Pokemon Go is an extremely addictive game that completely shattered the gaming industry. It’s no doubt that every Pokemon lover around the world fell for the game which brought the animated, cartoon-like characters into real lives. Who could have thought they’d be roaming the streets catching their favourite childhood creatures via smart phones! Well, Nintendo made this happen and as a result, the mobile game became the most significant revolutionary leap in the entire 20-years history of Pokemon. While we know all of you should be already familiar with the basics of the game, here we will try to cover the review of the game in brief. Visit here┬álocations


The game for mobile platform got everyone outside, catching Pokemon with friends, fighting over gyms, and coming across new friends on the way. Most of the augmented reality infrastructure of Pokemon Go was already in place. Niantic made sure its location-based MMO mobile game was up and running. The game features point-of-interest check-ins as well as territorial conflicts. The dedicated conflict zones are named “gyms” and landmarks are called “Pokestops”.

Assume you are in a densely crowded area, you won’t find any problem finding new Pokemon and adding up to your collection. There are Pokemon everywhere and you need not suffer limitations. All you need to capture these amazing critters is a single-thumb input, the same process you see in many other popular games. Simulating the motion of throwing, a forward swipe to capture your target is all you have to do in order to grow your collection. Though you can find Pokemon of all types around the city, but mostly Pokemon belonging to specific terrains are found in matching locations, like a water-type Goldeen near large bodies of water.